My top 10 most visited sites of 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been thinking on how to end my first blogging year where I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted but I will definitely try to do a better job next year. To end this year I would like to share my top ten sites I most visited this year. Now I don’t have any browsing history to proof this, so I would have to do it from memory which is pretty accurate I hope.

1. Google SearchGoogle-Search

I think this one is at the top of the list of most people but that’s not strange because it’s the best search engine around. When I am at work I most of the time use Encrypted Google which is nothing more then Google over a secure https connection. Perfect when you don’t want your boss to know what you’re searching. Take some time to master the search engine as this will improve your search results and therefor saves you time.


2. TelegraafDe_Telegraaf_logo_2

Amsterdam based Dutch newspaper with not the best in depth articles but covers the most important and not important news in the Netherlands. Almost every day I start my day with this website.


3. Algemeen Dagbladlogo_ad3

Rotterdam based Dutch newspaper which is where I live and I believe is a better newspaper then the Telegraaf but it’s a close finish. Both are in fact not excellent newspapers but the AD has a much better sports section.


4. Tweakers.Nettweakers.net_02

The number one Dutch website for all tech related news & information. It contains a price watch for almost every product like computers, hard disks, mp3 players, televisions, speakers and so forth. Also it has a active forum for product reviews, programming, tweaking, hardware, networking and software. They won the website of the year awards 2011.


5. Twittertwitter-logo

I have been using twitter for almost three years now and I still love it. For me it’s the number one source for tech related news which I retweet or post myself. So if you’re curious follow me and the people I follow and get news the fastest way possible.


6. Stack Overflowso

This one would be at the top of my list if this post was about most loved sites. If you are a developer and never heard of Stack Overflow then you have lived under a rock. Stack Overflow is the number one site for asking coding question. A whole army of developers are eager to answer your questions. Even if you don’t want to answer or ask a question you will learn something new every day, just by reading the answers and questions.


7. Hardware Infohardwareinfo4-logo-png2

Dutch website about computer hardware and consumer electronics. Just like it has a price watch, does product reviews, has a forum for many subjects like hardware in general, casemodding, overclocking, operating systems, etc.


8. Log Me Inlogmein_logo1

Log Me In lets you manage remote computers via your browser. This is handy when you want to access your computers at home and can´t use the remote desktop protocol because the firewall is blocking it. I have never encountered problems using Log Me In, it just works and is free as well.


9. Google Translategoogletranslate

When writing or reading English articles I often use Google Translate and it almost never disappoints me. Just a great translator. No more no less.


10. BOLlogo_bol-com

The best Dutch E-commerce website for (e)books, movies and music. For computer related books I still tend to buy at Amazon UK because they are much cheaper.

I would like to know your list, so please feel free to contact me or leave it in a comment. See you next year.

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