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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well for my first post, I take the time to tell something about myself and the reasons behind this website.

My name is Martijn Burgers and I am a good looking and straigtforward person who likes to hang out and do al kinds of stuff. I live nearby Rotterdam, The Netherlands together with my girl friend Nathalie and pug dog Hummer. I am an addict in anything regards to computer related subjects like programming, electronic music, photograhpy, networking, social media, architecture, hardware and tons of other things.

Since 2005 I am working as a senior .NET software developer for multiple clients in The Netherlands. I like to be involved in the whole development process, defining requirements to architectural design, building, testing and deployment. I also like to think about processes, workflows, standards and conventions regarding to software development.

In my free time I like to go to the gym, do some outdoor running, bicycling, swim, listen to music, reading books, drive around, go to the beach, travel, visit some festival or just be at home watching some 24 episodes

That’s more or less who I a am and what I do. What is more interesting is why I started this website. The main reason for this is that I needed a place where I could write things down and where this information is easily accessible across the globe.

I also find joy in sharing knowledge with other people accros the world. I will mainly blog about things I come accros as a sofware developer in my day to day work or in my home lab (which isn’t more then a small room whith a laptop and some books).

I explicitly choose english as my way for communicating with the world. This is not my native language, but is a good way to boost my english writing skills. So I don’t mind at all if you send in grammar or syntax errors.

The last reason is offcourse that it’s just cool to have your own website so you could brag about it to your colleagues and your dog.

I am stil working on the website so expect some changes in the months to come and definilty come back in a while. I hope to have writen some blog post as well then.

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